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About us

Willow Run is now owned by 5 like minded employees who have put there blood, sweat and tears into this facility for the last 3 years. 

We proudly worked under Dr. Harry Moore, and his wife, Sammie Moore during that time, who taught us all so many things, and always loved to educate the staff. 

The Moore's had previously owned and ran the kennel for 30+ years, along with their vet clinic. Dr. Moore primarily worked at the clinic, when we all started here during COVID19. Although he spent a lot of time at the clinic, he still always made time for the dogs in need at our facility. With him being a vet and the years of experience that the two of them had together, we plan on keeping a lot of the processes to protect the animals in our care that they had developed over their time of owning the kennel. 


Although none of the new owners are vets, we do have 3 professional trainers, a professional groomer, and a rescue worker. As a very knowledgeable team of owners, who always just want what's best for the animals in our care. We work hard every day to make sure we are giving your pets the best care we can provide, with those things in mind.


We have been bringing our sweet Red here since he was 10 weeks. When we turn in the lot, he starts running about the back seat. He loves it here and I love bringing him  because they truly care for him and us. It's been a blessing to have the team to call on for questions, support, training, and truly to love on him. You will not go wrong choosing this team for your furry loved ones! 

-Beyane Chambers

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