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At Willow Run's Day Spaw, we provide services for all shapes and sizes. We provide a lot of different services for a dog during the day. We call it a day at the Spaw because we include a day of daycare with our Spaw day bookings. If your dog is social they can even play with our daycare members before they get their groom done for the day. Clients drop-off in the morning, between 7:30am-9am and can leave them with our staff until closing at 6pm. Most of our clients take advantage of this to run errands that day or even go to work, while we treat your pet like one of our own. These appointments need to be made in advance, and require a deposit of $25 for your reservation, which is refundable up to 48 hours before the reservation begins. 

This method of grooming processes are really beneficial for dogs that need their groomer to go slow. Grooming can be a stressful and scary thing, for a dog who doesn't know any better. For this reason some fur-babies need to be done in small increments, with lots of breaks in between. Its also really beneficial for younger dogs that don't have a lot of experience with being groomed, and it helps socialize them to all kinds of different things, that could be life changing in your pet. 

​Our Day Spaw is primarily ran by Kenna Hoffer, and her love for dogs shows everyday she has been here with us. Although we all love to healthily spoil the dogs in our care, every single day, Kenna takes it to a whole new level. Your pet can always expect the best kisses and butt scratches when they are in her care. Kenna didn't originally come to us thinking she would become a professional groomer, she actually didn't plan on sticking around for too long when she started in our kennels, a couple years ago. Her goal was to go back to school to 

be a paramedic, but somewhere along the way she decided here with us, is where

she needed to be for now. She has since made grooming your pets her chosen 

career, and even partnered with the rest of owners to buy this place, so that we

could all continue doing what we love with the people and clients pets we love.


Grooming Services

At our Day Spaw we offer 4 main services for your pets needs. Every Spaw services includes a toe nail trim, anal gland expression and ear cleaning. We do offer multiple add-ons, for an additional price, to truly customize your Spaw day for your pets needs. 

Click on the pictures below to find out about the differences in the multiple services we provide. 

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