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 At Willow Run Pet Resort, the care of your pets is of the utmost importance to us. For that reason and others, we have drop-off times of 3:00pm - 6:00pm, and pick-up times of 9:00am - 12:00pm for all boarding reservations, and prefer that you make your reservations ahead of time, for the benefit of you and also our hard working staff. We will do our best to make accommodations for anyone that needs it, however kennels are limited, and during peak times (summer, school breaks and holiday's) these kennels get booked up a lot faster. Please plan accordingly, as we cannot provide a kennel slot we do not have. 



Important Information

**Clients pets that have never been here before, or have not been here in over one years time, will be required to do a Trail Run Stay at the expense of the owner, before they can be boarded for any extended reservation. This will be a full 24 hour stay, over night and requires at least a night between the Trail and any extended stay with us. Trial Runs can only be done during the week, Monday through Thursday, with the latest departure day being Friday.  If your pet is deemed safe to do so, by our staff, we will include a temperament test with other dogs. This is to help your pets feel a little more comfortable with being here, and to make sure they are compatible with our facility.**

Dog Boarding

We have 3 different types of dog boarding kennels, to meet any Furry friends needs, whether they be Small or Large:

Small dog (under 20lbs) Forest Glen Kennels

Our bunkhouse provides a relaxing stay away from the larger dogs. Your pet will be kept in a quiet enclosure with plenty of room to move around. Four outside exercises or "potty breaks" are provided at no additional charge. A "Mutt Mat" bed and fresh water are available at all times. Your pet may be fed once or twice a day as you desire. Pets in the bunkhouse receive lots of love and human contact from our employees, as well as entertainment from music or television. 

Indoor Only Kennels (over 15lbs) Mutt Hutt Kennels

Our Indoor Only Kennels are provided with the same comforts as the Indoor/Outdoor Kennels, the only difference is that they do not have the outdoor patio section mentioned below. Your dogs can also enjoy an extra walk during the day provided at no additional cost to you. 

Indoor/Outdoor Kennels (over 15lbs) Scooby's Mystery Gang

Our Indoor/Outdoor boarding facility is ideal for indoor dogs greater than 15 pounds. Painted with brightly colored murals, the indoor climate-controlled area measures about 4 x 4, and is where your dog's food, water and New Chew-proof Raised Beds are kept. A guillotine door provides access to outdoor patio portion, which measures about 4 x 8 and is completely shaded for your pet's comfort. This area allows for extra movement as well as providing a place for elimination. Music is played to help your dog relax and feel at home. Three walks a day on real grass, a fleece bed for winter months, Raised Beds and plenty of fresh water are included in your boarding rate. 

All dogs in our boarding facility can also enjoy Group Play with other dogs (with a passed temperament test) and/or many other options for additional exercise, and loving, as add-ons for an additional cost. 

Cat Boarding 

At Willow Run Pet Resort, we understand that

cats are not small dogs. Felines have their own

special needs and personalities.

Your furry feline will feel right at home in our

new "Kitty Corner". Your cat will enjoy a quiet

condominium enclosure which provides plenty

of privacy and room to move around. Each cat

condo has a raised kitty cot with a quilted bed,

private areas for feeding, and a litter box. We will

also provide playtime for your kitty, complete with

interactive toys, windowsills and sunny spots for basking once daily at no additional charge. 

Exotic Animal Boarding

In addition to taking care of your furry pets, we also offer boarding for your other pets. At Willow Run Pet Restort, we believe in all your pets having a safe place to go when you have to be away for a bit. With staff that is experienced in caring for their needs when you can't be there to do it yourself. These animals such as birds, snakes, or any other off the wall small animals, can be boarded with us along with your other pets, but will require you to bring their cage with them along with any food and bedding so that we can keep them clean and well cared for during their stay. We will need to change their bedding at least once a week so make sure you send enough for us to accomplish that.


Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

***New Clients are required to make their first reservation online***

Hit the "Book Now" Button to begin.

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