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Bath By Kennel Staff

What does it mean?

This is were we explain what a bath by kennel staff is and what it entails

Bath by Kennel Staff, is called such because these services can be provided by the kennel staff, when time permits. The reason behind this is, BKS's are for dogs with short single coats, meaning no undercoat. See pics for examples. The dogs that get these types of baths don't need any brushing typically, drying is fast and simple and the service can be done in under 30mins depending on your personal pet. Although a deshed treatment is not included in these baths, you can always request to add them, when dropping off your pet. 

Since these services do not have to be completed by a trained groomer/bather and because of the amount of time they take, they are not as expensive as the other services, however this service cannot be completed on every dog. 

Click the button above to see price ranges for this service.


Bath By Groomer

A Bath by Groomer, can be done on any dog with a longer coat, or that has a double coat "undercoat". These dogs include Labrador Retriever, German Shepherds and huskies or any dogs mixed with these breeds can have an undercoat as well and require a deshed treatment. 

As previously mentioned, almost any dog can get a bath by groomer, under the correct stipulations. Since this service does not include any trimming of any kind, excessive matting "knots" in your dogs coat, can cause your dog to need a full service groom, instead of just a bath. 

If a client unknowingly schedules a bath for their pet, that cannot be just given a bath, a full service groom can be scheduled but may not be able to happen on the day that was originally scheduled, due to overbooking, as a full service groom takes a lot longer than just a bath. 


Outline trim; or Face, Feet and Fanny trim

An outline trim or face, feet and fanny trim are typically done on dogs like golden retriever, australian shepherds, long haired german shepherds or even huskies. Any dog that grows hair inbetween their paw pads or that might need their sanitary areas cut down can also get an outline trim for those areas. This includes dogs that may normally get a standard groom, that you might want to keep a little longer then usual. For most of these dogs very strict brushing measurements, as matting can cause the dog to need a full shave down.


Full Service Groom

A standard groom is for any dog that needs more then just an outline trim, or face, feet and fanny. These dogs typically have a longer coat that sometimes doesnt stop growing, so it needs to be shaved down or shaped into a cute teddy bear. There are lots of breeds out there that require grooming every 4-6 weeks (even in between need daily brushing from their owners), to keep the groomers from having to shave them all the way down or worse causing sores on your pet from the pulling of tight mats. We ask all our clients to please research your new pets grooming needs before getting them, to make sure you can provide them with the best care possible, for their grooming and healthy needs. 

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