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Play Group Agreements

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Play Group Agreements

One of the additional activities offered at Willow Run Pet Resort, Day Spaw, & Training Center (WRPR) is playgroups for dogs. These playgroups are small in size and will contain dogs of similar sizes, ages, and temperaments. Each playgroup will be closely supervised by a kennel tech at all times, however, canine play behavior and unknown or undocumented aggression can lead to altercations or injuries which is a risk that will always be present when dogs interact.
• Owners must inform kennel staff of any aggressive behavior their pet has displayed in the past or may display when signing up for playgroups. Aggressive behaviors can include, but are not limited to: food hoarding/aggression, toy hoarding/aggression, fence fighting, displays of dominance, guarding/being over protective of people.
• Owners must also inform kennel staff of any prior injuries or pre-existing conditions that may cause a pet to not be able to play with higher energy dogs (eg. arthritis, back/spinal problems, leg problems, etc.).
• Willow Run Pet Resort, Day Spaw, & Training Center (WRPR) and its staff will not be held liable for any injuries related to a dog's participation in playgroups and are not financially responsible for any necessary treatment.
• Owner understands there is a greater risk of pets being exposed to micro-organisms or bacteria that they have not been exposed to before and thus the possibility of infection increases. Willow Run Pet Resort, Day Spaw, & Training Center (WRPR) and it's staff will not be held liable for any exam fees, medications or expenses that occur as a result.

Dogs that are under 16 weeks of age do not have a fully developed immune system and will be put in a separate playgroup for dogs of the same age. This is done to protect the health and safety of all dogs in the facility. Dogs that are 16 weeks of age and older will be expected to have and be up to date on all required vaccinations to be able to participate in playgroup time.

Any dog that shows aggressive behavior during playgroup time will be removed from playgroups and the owner notified. Depending on how the behavior is handled and whether or not it can be rectified, the pet may not be able to participate in future playgroups.

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